Your challenge: distinguish yourself from hundreds of other applicants using just your resume and cover letter.  Your resume and cover letter usually provide the first impression of you to a potential employer.  As such an important marketing tool, you must demonstrate the link between your skills and experience and the needs of the employer you want to work for.  Even though you may spend hours writing and adjusting your resume and cover letter, chances are that an employer will spend less than a minute reviewing it.  How do you get your message across in these circumstances?

Resume Guide:   Learn the keys to preparing a resume that gets noticed. 
Cover Letter Guide:  A well written cover letter may give you the edge you need.
Applying Electronically:  What you need to know about applying by e-mail and using online forms.
Interview Guide:  You have gotten this far... don't blow it.  Preparation is critical!
Salary Guide:  Information about handling those questions about salary expectations.

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