Volunteering is an opportunity to develop new skills, expand your horizons and enjoy helping others in your community.  In addition, volunteering can help you expand your network, strengthen your resume and give you personal satisfaction.  Volunteering can be particularly helpful for those with little practical experience in their chosen field.  Volunteer agencies often need people to assist with marketing, special events, office and computer systems and much more.  Employers will applaud your initiative and commitment to your career and community.

Volunteering is also a great opportunity to add or polish "soft skills" - the transferable skills that most employers want to see which include: communication (written and oral); interpersonal; time management; problem solving; adapptability; and teamwork skills among others.

Before taking on a volunteer opportunity, be sure to know what the position involves, how much time will be expected of you  and that it is a good fit with your values and career goals.  Although volunteering is a good way to gain experience, refine skills and develop contacts, it should also be fun and rewarding.

Canadian volunteering resources on the web include:

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